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Automatic gates

There is no more impressive and more secure welcome to your home than a set of automatic gates. With manual gates, it can be all too easy to leave a home open to intruders through forgetfulness or laziness. Auto gates dramatically decrease the risk of theft by automatically shutting them out.

Types of auto gates

Automatic gates make a dramatic and formidable entrance to any home keeping your family safe and intruders locked out. The type of auto gate you choose for your home will depend not only on your budget, but also on the size of your home and the effect you want to create. A swing auto gate is perfect for large properties and homeowners looking for an impressive entrance for their family and guests. Sliding auto gate systems, on the other hand, are ideal for properties with limited space or driveways on a slope.

BFT offers an extensive range of automatic gates to cater for every budget and home, from wrought iron gates to wooden auto gates.

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing and installing automatic gates, BFT has a solution for every home whatever your budget.