Key things you need to think about

There are a wide range of gate automation, traffic barrier and bollard products available to cope with varying amounts of use and it is very easy to select equipment that is not robust enough to cope with the amount of traffic at the project site.  A local BFT expert installer will be able to help customers design and specify the most suitable entrance mechanism.

Immediate Environment
Consideration should be given to the weather conditions at the site.  For instance, with exposed sites that are effected by windy conditions, a close boarded swing gate that provides a high degree of privacy is likely to experience problems in extreme weather conditions.  At other sites where water drainage is an issue, the use of above ground RAMs may well be a better solution that the use of underground gate systems.  And where sites are located near to social centres such as a pub, the use of rising bollards to control traffic may well be a better solution than the use of barriers which can easily be broken by people hanging from the boom!  These are all things that a local BFT expert installer will be able to advise you about.

Traffic flow and security
Thought needs to be given to the volume of traffic entering the site at different times of the day and the need for overall security.  Systems can be set up to automatically open when a vehicle is detected at the opening and close when it has passed through the entrance system – eliminating the need for a manned entrance station.  Where night time security is the priority concern, systems can be set up to automatically close at a predetermined time in the evening and open at a certain time in the morning.  And where more selective daytime control is required (such as a block of flats or an industrial estate), individuals can be given a hand transmitter or a swipe card to open the gate or entrance system.  A BFT expert installer will be able to advise on the range of options that most suit your requirements.

No matter what your requirements, a professional installer will be able to advise you on the possibilities and associated costs for your particular access automation project.  Click here to find a local BFT expert access automation installer.