The BFT range of electric gate automation

There is a wide range of electric gate automation equipment manufactured by BFT. 

The automation equipment includes articulated arm motors, both mechanical and hydraulic fixed arm motors and a variety of underground motors. Each motor has very different characteristics and each are suitable for different situations.  The motor have different designs that are suitable for some projects but not for others.  Each motor is capable of moving gates leaves of different lengths and weights, at different speeds.  Some underground motors will open gate leaves up to 180 degrees - others are restricted to 110 degrees.  Some motors require different electrical power and have different functional capabilities.  As such, all gate operators have different costs.

Choosing the right operators for your gate project really does need an expert gate automation installer - choosing the wrong operator for your gate could end up to be an extremely expensive mistake for a DIY enthusiast.

So what type of operators are there?  Below are video clips that show some of the different types of operator that are made by BFT.

BFT Articulated Arm Operators - the Virgo

BFT Articulated Arm Operators for swing gates - The Igea

BFT RAM Operator for swing gates - The Phobos

BFT Underground Operator for swing gates - The Eli

BFT Operator for sliding gates - The Deimos

No matter what your requirements, a professional installer will be able to advise you on the possibilities and associated costs for your particular home project.  Click here to find a local BFT expert gate automation installer.