What electric gates options are available?

Most of gates that people see, be they manually or electrically operated, are swing gates.  However, this is not the only option available to home owners thinking about a gate automation project. So what are the best electric gates available?

Swing Gate
Where a swing system is used, the entrance comprises of one or two gate leaves with automation and control equipment.  The gate leaves generally open into the property but, if the environment allows, they can also be set up to open away from the property.

Sliding Gate
Where space at the front of the property is tight and at a premium, a swing gate system is not ideal as the gate may well eliminate space where cars park or manoeuvre.  In this situation, or where the road at the entrance to the property is on a notable incline which would restrict the opening of swing gates, a sliding gate system is a much better option.  A sliding gate spans the entrance to the property but when activated, slides either to the left or the right to provide the opening.  There is also the option of installing a bi-sliding gate where each of the two gate leaves slide to each side of the entrance. 

Automatic sliding electric gates with automation and control equipment maximise the usable space available at the front of a property and can solve the problem of driveways with notable inclines.

There are two different ways a sliding gate can be installed.  Firstly a tracked sliding gate where a length of curved metal rail is installed across the entrance and the gate is fitted with a couple of roller wheels that slide across the metal rail.  The entrance will need to be swept occasionally to remove debris from the track, especially at the end of the summer when the leaves fall. Secondly, a cantilever sliding gate can be installed which has no need for the curved rail track across the entrance and therefore requires less maintenance.  With this type of sliding gate, the gate is suspended over the entrance and hangs with the gate sitting on cantilever wheels to the side of the entrance.

No matter what your requirements, a professional installer will be able to advise you on the best electric gates and possibilities and associated costs for your particular home project.  Click here to find a local BFT expert gate automation installer.