Electric Sliding Gates - Wrought Iron

Below are some examples of the wide range of wrought iron sliding electric gate designs that have been installed at the entrance of residential properties.  All gates shown below are electric gates that now provide the perfect entrance solution for enhanced security and convenience for the home owner.

As is the case with wrought iron swing gates, wrought iron provides endless possibilities for the gate maker to meet the exact design requirements of any home owner.  Looking at some of the images below, you might think that some of the gates shown are actually electric swing gates as some of the designs rise in the middle as if the gate has two leaves.  However, all the pictures below are of electric sliding gates that have been installed either because that was the preference of the home owner or space at the front of the property was limited.

Electric sliding gates are also the best solution where the driveway of the property is on an upwards incline as the gates wouldn’t be able to open against the higher ground towards the property.
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