Commercial Access Control

Every company must take security very seriously and take steps to protect its assets. A high-quality gate system with automated features is a trump card that can greatly simplify round-the-clock protection of commercial properties and manufacturing facilities.

BFT NZ has excellent solutions for commercial customers in many different industries. We offer a range of solutions including electric gates with swing or slide design, as well as traffic barriers and bollards, for a wide variety of applications. Our range of car parking solutions enable easy parking control and revenue building from this source.

Automation brings terrific benefits, and BFT NZ has more than two decades of experience in this field. Our technicians are trained to build top-range access control systems for businesses at any scale, providing cost-effective solutions that can be relied upon.

Access control

Before an optimal solution is suggested, it is necessary to analyze unique security requirements of the site that needs to be protected. In some cases, both vehicle traffic and pedestrians have to be accounted for, while at other locations entrance control is just one aspect of the wider site control effort. BFT NZ is well prepared for any scenario and can direct a local installer to inspect the location in person.

BFT NZ offers five major construction models for access control systems:

Swing gates
Sliding gates
Traffic barriers
Traffic bollards
Parking revenue systems

Whichever option you might choose, an expert will be available for consultation about feasibility and costs for the project you have in mind. Please click here to locate the installer nearest to your location.