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  • Provide advice on BFT’s extensive range of garage door solutions to find the best possible security solution for your home.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on garage door openers that are plagued with ongoing operating problems! Trust an expert with your gate installation project today.


    BFT Is Your Trusted Provider of Garage Door Openers

    BFT understands the needs of property owners and is able to recommend the right solution for every situation.

    From residential to commercial use, our range offers features and specifications that can be matched to your budget and requirements.

    Upgrading security equipment brings you additional peace of mind, and getting a garage door opener of the latest generation can greatly improve the reliability of the open, close and locking mechanism.

    Open the doors to innovation! Your installation expert can help you with:

    • Garage Doors of All Types

      Automatic door and remote solutions suitable for domestic and commercial garages. Contact us today to learn more.

    • Bluetooth Operation

      Never have to search for your remote control again! Activate your garage door via your mobile phone.

    • Remote Control Options

      Range of options that maximise convenience including hands free, whilst keeping your residence or commercial property safe and secure.

    • Automatic Gate Control

      Control your electric gates and garage door from a single remote.

    Why trust an expert

    Gate automation can make your life much easier, but only if the installation process is carried out properly. To ensure that your automatic garage door works as expected and remains functional for many years, you should solicit assistance from a highly regarded company specialized for this niche.

    Choosing the right garage door opener

    Flexibility is the name of the game – making it a frequent choice for customers of all types. It performs just as well with large commercial gates and smaller residential units. BOTTICELLI gate openers can be remotely controlled with ease and feature a limit switch with encoder, as well as a mechanical stopbuilt into the rail.

    Very thin and elegant garage door opener that measures just 13mm in profile, TIZIANO is still among the best at protecting your property. Based on radio powered controls, allowing for smooth and practical wireless operation. Suitable for any architectural context, TIZIANO provides a great combination of security and convenience.

    Electromechanical operators for intensive/very intensive use, designed for the automation of sectional garage doors. Suitable for installation in any context, thanks to the wide choice of chain rails available in the various lengths.

    Installed with equal success in a residential or industrial setting. They are very robust and reliable, as they are made to withstand heavy duty use for a very long time. Equipped with D-Track torque control system and absolute encoder, those garage door openers can be operated with high precision and will automatically prevent the gate from colliding with an intruding object.

    BFT offers a range of garage door openers suitable for a range of properties. No matter your requirements, a professional installer will be able to advise you on the possibilities and associated costs for your particular home project.

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